Ruckus Composites
Classic Logo T - $20
We went with a classic white on black logo for longevity and we chose 100% cotton for a soft feel. These shirts are built to last, just like our repairs. Shirts are MUSA, just like us.

Carbon.Access.Tool. - $35
Proudly handmade in our Portland, OR Shop. Looks good with casual or professional attire Impress your friends! Highly configurable. Small enough to fit inside even the smallest pockets or tightest pants. Made from lightweight carbon fiber - 6k, 12k. Weight: (without keys) 6 grams.

Classic Patch - $5
Sew-on. 3". Best sewn on a denim vest.

Sticker Pack - $5
Hotdog Astronaut.
Hotdogs in Orbit.
Bring Da Ruckus.
Ride Long & Prosper.

The Ruckus Party Pack. - $50
All the goods.
  • Ruckus Comp T-Shirt
  • Carbon.Access.Tool.
  • Ruckus Patch
  • Ruckus Sticker Pack
Ruckus Gift Card - $
Have a broken carbon bike that is keeping a loved one down? Give the gift of repair!

Have a broken bike? Here's where you start the repair process.

Carbon Repair Form