Deep Matte is the New Black

Deep Matte is the New Black   This older Trek got our classic strip, black and matte job. The raw carbon filaments are beautiful and show the construction methods. An instant classic.

carbon fiber repair

Deuce of ‘Dales

  What’s better than a single matte//gloss black Cannondale Super-X? Two of them!  A few weeks back we had this pair of Cannondale Super-X frames in our shop for some carbon repair and refinish work. They turned out looking absolutely stunningly. Look for them to be tearing up the Chicago CX scene this fall. Cross […]


Trusted Carbon Fiber Service Network

From day one we have focused on the material science and engineering of bicycles and today marks a significant milestone in the Ruckus timeline. Our aim is to work with bike shops around the country and provide the tools needed to understand the science and engineering of carbon fiber and how it is evolving in the […]


The whole 9 yards

  This 2012 Cervelo had a broken dropout and was destined for a sad retired life collecting dust in the garage never to see tarmac again. But the owner decided to come to Ruckus to have the broken dropout removed and a Ruckus designed solid carbon fiber dropout installed. While it was in our shop […]

PBLRB Follow Up

PBLRB Follow Up We are so excited by the community support we received with our recent collaboration with PBLRB that we want to do more. If you’re part of an organization that would love to be a part of this program let us know! If you have a carbon frame that you don’t want to repair […]

There and Outback Again: A Ruckus Tale

  Last year the guys from Velodirt went where no cyclists has gone before, the Oregon Outback. They created a route that lead them from the Southern border of Klamath Falls to the confluence of the Deschutes and Columbia Rivers. What was so special about this route is that it was primarily on dirt and gravel roads. […]

Ruckus Supports PBLRB

  Ruckus Supports PBLRB Every so often a bike never gets picked up, and ends up in the dead pile. For several years we have been wondering what to do with these lost souls, this year we cracked the code. Working with local and national non profit organizations as well as grass roots cycling teams, […]