carbon fiber repair

65 million years in the making

Not only do people choose Ruckus Composites for our expert carbon fiber repair they also choose us for our creativity. We recently got an email about a frame with a broken chainstay and a hankering for a fun new paint job. This particular guy didn’t have a “creative direction” so I was quick to chime […]

Electron Microscopy

At Ruckus Composites we are always pursuing the latest in carbon fiber technology and a deeper understanding of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of bicycle technology. As a recent exercise our in-house scientist Dan took an opportunity to see what our carbon fiber looks like under the eyes of an electron microscope here are some of […]

A pollo '13

A Pollo ’13

In true Ruckus Composites fashion we were the go-to guys to put another piece of food into near space. This time the challenge was to marinate and fully cook chicken. Also in true Ruckus fashion we threw everything at it and knocked it out of the atmosphere. Check out some of the videos from the […]


Recently we at Ruckus Comp launched the Carbon.Access.Tool., the next step in the evolution of the key chain. The initial launch was well-received but we want to realize the C.A.T.’s full potential and take it to the next level. We turned to Kickstarter because we want to secure the necessary funds to bring this product […]

carbon fiber repair

Time CX Bike

Here’s a unique repair solution: Sam from Lakeside bikes brought in this Time cyclocross bike. TIME uses a seat mast system with a 27.8 diameter mini-post coming out of an extended seat tube. Problem was, the post was a little short for Sam. Left with no options for a slightly-longer-than-stock-but-still-mini 27.8 seatpost, Sam just ran it, knowing that […]

carbon fiber repair

One man’s trash is another man’s Pherrari

Our friend Pher inherited a pretty advanced frame from his friend – a Giant TCR Advanced to be exact. The frame had three problems, though: 1. The top tube was broken. 2. The seat mast was broken. 3. The frame was not custom painted with Pher decals. Here at Ruckus, we take the structural integrity […]