Our friend Pher inherited a pretty advanced frame from his friend – a Giant TCR Advanced to be exact.

The frame had three problems, though:
1. The top tube was broken.
2. The seat mast was broken.
3. The frame was not custom painted with Pher decals.

Here at Ruckus, we take the structural integrity of our carbon frames and the customization of our customer’s paint very seriously!

We made short work of the repairs.

carbon fiber repair

Then it was time for a paint job.
We painted the bike a shimmering pearlescent black, then added custom Pher decals. Pher is a big Formula One racing fan, so we used Ferrari font (Pherrari?).

And here it is, the finished product!

carbon fiber repair

It came in as a friend’s throwaway bike, but now Pher has a brand new, beautiful, lightweight, personalized race bike – the only one like it in the world.

There’s nothing we love more than pulling one from the dumpster and making it a fist-pumper.

carbon fiber repair



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