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Step 1: Damage Assessment

We assess bike frames using the latest in non-destructive technology, including infrared, ultrasound scanning, acoustic feedback and fluorescent penetrant dyes in order to form an entire perspective of the damaged area. We pair this investigation with our knowledge of carbon fiber construction techniques, long-working bicycle design and engineering expertise to craft the perfect repair, individually tailored to each bike frame’s make and model.

Step 2: Damage Removal

Safe repair begins with accurate and complete removal of all the damaged material of any given area on a bike frame. Like a windshield, all of the damage must be removed entirely or cracking can further propagate through the surface, potentially resulting in even more damage later on. We go in, remove the damage and then design a repair based on the latest aerospace standards, custom tailored to the original material orientation and design intent of the bike frame.

Step 3: Material Choice and Lay-Up Design

We then design a custom lay-up repair schedule (the sequenced layering of pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheets) based on information gathered in the assessment and removal steps. Each repair is unique in its entirety, so we make certain to fully match the original intended design of the frame. We source our raw carbon fiber from the same high-performance companies used by the aerospace industry and other leading bike manufacturers.

Step 4: Casting and Compression

Next, we then apply the custom cut “prepreg” carbon fiber sheets in accordance with our lay-up schedule. We then process the casted frame with the correct amount of heat and pressure in order to ensure the highest quality repair. Different repairs require different compression techniques to ensure an optimal fiber to resin ratio and this process ensures uniformity.

Step 5: Graphic Restoration

We have developed a complex system to refurbish bike frame aesthetics across the thousands of repairs we have successfully completed. We use the latest in environmentally friendly paints, primers and clear coats available on the market today. Our painters are of the best in the ‘biz and expertly and carefully match paint color, graphics restoration or other custom special effects.

carbon bike repair process step 5
carbon bike repair process step 6

Step 6: Ride and Enjoy

All repairs go through an extensive QC process and receive expert detailing before we carefully pack them up and send them off to your door/local bike shop for rebuild. Enjoy your ride!

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